Kristin & Greg – Martha Mary Chapel Wedding

I was so happy to be asked to help capture Kristin and Greg's wedding a few months ago. I have known Greg and his family since we were infants, as our parents have been friends since high school. Kristin and Greg had a small family gathering to help them celebrate their special day. Getting ready at their Sudbury home was a true family affair. Kristin and Isabelle (Greg's daughter) helped Greg fine tune his attire for the day. martha-mary-chapel-wedding-008

Isabelle had no issues hopping up to help dad with his bow tie.  martha-mary-chapel-wedding-020 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-019 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-026

Even Iggy got a little dressed up for the special occassion. martha-mary-chapel-wedding-028 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-045

Kristin and her Dad seeing each other for the first time. martha-mary-chapel-wedding-055 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-072

Once everyone was dressed, they hopped in the limo and headed to the Martha Mary Chapel, next to the Wayside Inn. martha-mary-chapel-wedding-118 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-141 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-146 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-172 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-163 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-166 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-159 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-183

Isabelle and her cousins got to ring the church bells after the ceremony. martha-mary-chapel-wedding-191

It was a beautiful autumn day! martha-mary-chapel-wedding-261 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-202 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-206 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-239 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-262

The reception was held not too far away at the Concord Country Club. martha-mary-chapel-wedding-268 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-279 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-305 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-437 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-345 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-376 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-347 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-408 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-392 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-432 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-440 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-485 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-543 martha-mary-chapel-wedding-549