Leah & Getzel – Temple Israel Wedding

I first met up with Leah and Getzel in the summer to photograph them for their engagement session in the Boston Public Gardens. Like all couples I photograph, they were super easy going and fun loving. Their wedding day was full of laughter, tears, dancing, singing and of course love. And I was so thrilled to be a part of it. Check out some of my favorite moments of the day below. temple-israel-wedding-025

Leah and her friends hanging out before the guests arrived. temple-israel-wedding-037 temple-israel-wedding-039

Perfection. temple-israel-wedding-053 temple-israel-wedding-058

Getzel making his way to the temple. temple-israel-wedding-075 temple-israel-wedding-083

Leah welcomed guests and said a few prayers prior to seeing Getzel. temple-israel-wedding-110 temple-israel-wedding-114

Getzel and friends gathered for the Tisch. temple-israel-wedding-159 temple-israel-wedding-162 temple-israel-wedding-163

The song and dance continued as the groom was danced out to see his awaiting bride. temple-israel-wedding-173 temple-israel-wedding-177 temple-israel-wedding-178

And here is where the tears began. Both were so happy. temple-israel-wedding-175 temple-israel-wedding-181 temple-israel-wedding-183 temple-israel-wedding-189 temple-israel-wedding-201 temple-israel-wedding-193 temple-israel-wedding-215 temple-israel-wedding-238 temple-israel-wedding-247 temple-israel-wedding-264 temple-israel-wedding-267 temple-israel-wedding-273 temple-israel-wedding-279 temple-israel-wedding-288 temple-israel-wedding-305 temple-israel-wedding-340 temple-israel-wedding-341

I am not sure why a lot of my couples run down the aisle at the end of the ceremony, but it does produce some fun images. temple-israel-wedding-354

The couple 'enjoying' the Horah. temple-israel-wedding-394 temple-israel-wedding-392 temple-israel-wedding-396 temple-israel-wedding-414 temple-israel-wedding-411 temple-israel-wedding-423 temple-israel-wedding-427 temple-israel-wedding-429 temple-israel-wedding-430 temple-israel-wedding-453 temple-israel-wedding-457 temple-israel-wedding-461 temple-israel-wedding-470 temple-israel-wedding-502 temple-israel-wedding-503 temple-israel-wedding-515 temple-israel-wedding-500 temple-israel-wedding-519 temple-israel-wedding-520 temple-israel-wedding-523 temple-israel-wedding-530 temple-israel-wedding-534 temple-israel-wedding-537 temple-israel-wedding-551 temple-israel-wedding-574 temple-israel-wedding-576 temple-israel-wedding-590 temple-israel-wedding-594 temple-israel-wedding-606 temple-israel-wedding-612 temple-israel-wedding-613

A couple of final images of the couple before we headed out for the night. temple-israel-wedding-643 temple-israel-wedding-646

Thanks again to Leah and Getzel for having me along to document their amazing wedding day.