Julia & Chris – POP Allston Wedding

I have always said that every wedding is unique. That is no more true than with Julia and Chris' wedding at POP Allston. They were the first couple to ever have a wedding there, probably because it is mostly used as an indoor skate park instead of a more traditional wedding venue. Having moved to Allston in the last year and falling in love with it, they decided to keep their wedding in the town they now call home. Additionally they had the catering done by multiple Allston restaurants...a sort of taste of the town. Check out a few of my favorites from the day in the post in below.


I am a sucker for beautiful window light. julia-chris-allston-wedding-035 julia-chris-allston-wedding-036 julia-chris-allston-wedding-118 julia-chris-allston-wedding-119 julia-chris-allston-wedding-142 julia-chris-allston-wedding-190 julia-chris-allston-wedding-325

Another unique idea was to have a charicature artist on hand to create group photo of everyone at the wedding...starting with the couple. julia-chris-allston-wedding-316

We were able to pop outside after the ceremony for a few couple portraits. julia-chris-allston-wedding-338 julia-chris-allston-wedding-351 julia-chris-allston-wedding-353 julia-chris-allston-wedding-360

One of my favorites was shot against the side wall of the exterior.

julia-chris-allston-wedding-345 julia-chris-allston-wedding-628

Video games anyone? julia-chris-allston-wedding-411-1 julia-chris-allston-wedding-396 julia-chris-allston-wedding-637 julia-chris-allston-wedding-474 julia-chris-allston-wedding-488 julia-chris-allston-wedding-554 julia-chris-allston-wedding-562

After the party was done everyone retire to the 'snalligator' for a little after party. julia-chris-allston-wedding-581 julia-chris-allston-wedding-590 julia-chris-allston-wedding-575


Thanks to Julia and Chris for inviting me along to share in their wedding day. And thanks too to my friend Eric McCallister for all of his expert help throughout the day.