Jaimie & Jesse – Ocean Cliff Wedding

I have known Jesse for a few years now, and ever since, myself and my colleagues have teased him endlessly about popping the question to Jaimie. So clearly I was thrilled to be asked to photograph their wedding. They had a beautiful daytime ceremony at the Ocean Cliff Hotel & Resort in lovely Newport RI back in June.  Although there was a little rain during the day, it was time perfectly and did not interfere with the days festivities. As always, my favorites below.

ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-016 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-003 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-050

My friend Peter Morse started the morning down the hall with the guys. ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-078 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-087

Hard to pass up the beautiful window light ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-103

So beautiful! ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-110

Jesse was not looking so bad himself. Love the blue suit. ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-259 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-124

Jesse was blown away at his first glance. ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-129 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-133 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-135 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-188

Jesse hamming it up with his sister. ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-204 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-216 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-255

Everyone is a photographer on a wedding day...even when there is no actual camera.

ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-268 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-327 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-340

Jesse's 96 year old grandmother was a rock star during the ceremony. ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-351 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-358 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-369 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-375 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-380 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-376 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-400

We took a quick drive down the street to get a little more 'Newport' scenery. ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-293 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-296 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-562 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-579 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-574 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-603 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-597 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-630 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-621 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-647 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-735 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-740 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-729 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-821 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-869 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-930 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-768

After the reception everyone headed out for a sunset cruise on the Aurora. A great ending to beautiful day. ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-960 ocean-cliff-newport-wedding-956

Thanks again to Jaimie and Jesse for inviting to share in your special day.