Jenna & Bryan – Hyatt Newport Wedding

I first met Jenna and Bryan this spring for their engagement photo shoot. We shot around Fenway Park...very meaningful for these two. After meeting them I got a little glimpse into what their wedding might be like. However what I did not imagine, at the time, is just how emotional it would a good way of course. These two are so perfect for another and I too found myself getting a little choked up during Jenna's vows. Their wedding took place at the Hyatt Regency in Newport. The weather is always a huge question mark when you plan for an outdoor ceremony, and this day held everything including a brief shower during the family formals just prior to the ceremony. Luckily the shower passed and we were able to make it all happen according to plan.  hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_01 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_02 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_03 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_04 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_05 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_06

Love Jenna's brother taking a sneak peek. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_07

Dad was looking on too.


The finishing touches to the dress became a family affair. Very sweet. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_068-1

Jenna's sister Sarah with a last minute touch. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_10 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_11

I was joined this day by the very talented Masao Okano who started the day with the guys. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_120 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_141 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_139 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_098-13



Love the groomsmen looking out at the couple's first look. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_14 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_15 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_16 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_17

Needless to say that there were tears from both sides. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_195 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_19 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_21 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_22

Love this shot of Jenna's dad so proud to be bringing her down the aisle. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_23

I have no idea what happed to the rain. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_24 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_25 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_26 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_27

The couple took turns reading their very heartfelt vows to one another. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_28

Jenna tried really hard to hold back the tears. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_418-34

Jenna's vows were quite emotional, however she was able to inject a little humor in there too. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_34 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_32 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_33 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_35 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_36 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_37 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_39


hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_42 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_41 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_44

Jenna's parents were the perfect hosts for the day. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_43 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_45 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_46 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_47 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_48

When you get crazy weather, you often get crazy sunsets. We took advantage of this right after the toasts. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_65 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_50

Jenna had arranged a surprise slide show for her dad right before the parent dances. hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_51 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_53 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_54 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_55 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_57 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_56

Let the party begin! hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_58 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_59 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_60 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_61 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_63 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_62 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_64 hyatt_regency_newport_wedding_66

Thanks so much to Jenna and Bryan for having me along for their truly amazing day. And thank you too to Masao for all of the great work.