Birgit & Eric – MIT Chapel Wedding

MIT Faculty Club Wedding

Birgit and Eric had a spectacular weather for their weekend wedding festivities this August. Eric is a professor at MIT, and this weekend Cambridge MA was the home for all of their festivities including the ceremony at the MIT Chapel. It started with a casual BBQ at the MIT sailing pavilion. Birgit, originally from Germany, had a lot of relatives journey from her homeland to celebrate with her and Eric, and this was a great way to kick off the weekend.  mit_wedding_013 mit_wedding_002

Some of the family journeyed out on the Charles for quick sail before digging into some BBQ. mit_wedding_015 mit_wedding_018

Eric and Birgit enjoy a dance on the dock. mit_wedding_076 mit_wedding_059

The next day I met the girls at The Dry Bar just outside Harvard Square.

mit_wedding_091 mit_wedding_105

Eric's niece was so adorable. mit_wedding_099

Eric's daughters, Abigail and Claire, wanted a photo from the back so they could see the final results...not bad. mit_wedding_086

Step one complete! mit_wedding_114

Back home the girls help dad get ready for the day. So many cute moments here. mit_wedding_142 mit_wedding_152 mit_wedding_159

Meanwhile the ladies lent a hand to Birgit with makeup. This was quite amusing to watch.

mit_wedding_163 mit_wedding_172 mit_wedding_182

Just before the ceremony at the MIT Chapel, Birgit and Eric see each other for the first time. mit_wedding_191 mit_wedding_196 mit_wedding_200

Not too shabby. mit_wedding_208

If you have never been to the MIT Chapel, take a visit. It is quite a unique structure.

mit_wedding_263 mit_wedding_246 mit_wedding_303 mit_wedding_284 mit_wedding_312 mit_wedding_322

I grabbed a few shots on our walk to the MIT Faculty Club. mit_wedding_363 mit_wedding_369 mit_wedding_375

A great cake for surfers.


The view from the MIT Faculty Club is pretty cool. mit_wedding_444 mit_wedding_452 mit_wedding_463 mit_wedding_483 mit_wedding_499 mit_wedding_507 mit_wedding_508 mit_wedding_538

During dinner I snuck outside to grab shot that would hopefully give a little perspective to the venue. mit_wedding_446 mit_wedding_546 mit_wedding_549 mit_wedding_571 mit_wedding_609 mit_wedding_560

Many headed out to the deck to witness the full moon. mit_wedding_574 mit_wedding_581

Love this family portrait.


Not sure if he had the milk and cookies before passing out for the night.


Thank you so much to Birgit and Eric for inviting me to help document their special weekend.